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About us

Sparked by the volcanic eruption and its consequences for the island's inhabitants, Ulrich G. Roth had the idea of setting up the largest picture and video portal about the island of La Palma with the site "Discover La Palma", with the aim of soliciting financial donations for the volcano victims.

The photos donated by the photographers are intended to show why La Palma is still the most beautiful of the Canary Islands and that the island and its inhabitants urgently need financial support to alleviate the suffering caused by the natural disaster and to lay the foundations for the time "afterwards".

The platform can be downloaded as an app on mobile phones and is additionally promoted at tourism fairs and via postcards.

The beauty of the island, whose population is up to 70 % directly or indirectly dependent on tourism, should not be forgotten abroad, especially since "only" 10 % were directly affected by the destruction of the volcano and 90 % still show why La Palma is also called "Isla Bonita", the beautiful island.

The Canary Island of La Palma is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve and 35 % of the island's surface is covered by the national park and 19 nature reserves.

The volcanic island has beautiful beaches with black lava sand and one of the cleanest skies in the world – in the Starlight Reserve on the island's peak, scientists from all over the world study the starry sky with the best telescopes in the northern hemisphere.

La Palma lives from individual tourism, the holiday home owners are mostly private individuals.

Guests consume local products at farmers' markets, restaurants and shops - the money they spend directly benefits the island.

Roth Reisen GmbH with its sales brand La Palma Travel is a specialised tour operator for individual holiday homes on the island of La Palma.

The local service is provided by the Palma company 100arboles S.L. with its motivated team.

The company was founded by Evelyn and Ulrich Roth, who have lived on the island since 2003. They especially love the wonderful nature, the peace and quiet, the hiking, the good island products and the warmth of the islanders.

Guests book with them according to the very trustworthy German travel law and have a personal contact person on site. – Fincas and country houses, flats in town, exclusive villas with pool and holiday flats by the sea.

We focus on the expansion and promotion of eco-social tourism, our sustainable company is certified since 2016 (TourCert). When booking, guests can offset their CO2 flight emissions directly with myclimate.

Our business guideline is to offer our clients varied, sustainable and creative holiday accommodation and first-hand travel information.

We at 100arboles and La Palma Travel ask for your help for the people and animals on the island.

Many families have lost everything - their homes, livelihoods or jobs - and are in desperate need of money, for food, housing and all the daily necessities that have fallen victim to the lava. Many have payment obligations that they have to meet despite the disaster.

Help us, every contribution counts!

100% of the donations go directly to official donation accounts and are presented transparently here.

Discover the La Palma picture and video portal here!