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With the site "Discover La Palma" we, the team of La Palma Travel and 100 arboles, would like to build the largest multilingual picture and video portal about the island of La Palma.

To show the beauty and diversity of the island, we also need YOUR photos as a donation.

For the current occasion, visitors to this website will find clearly visible information on how they can make financial donations for the volcano victims of the island in the simplest way.

"Only" 10 % of the island is directly affected by the destruction of the volcano. As before, 90 % show why La Palma is also called "Isla Bonita". We would like to show this with the help of your pictures here and contrast them with the scenarios of destruction.

So, friends of the island of La Palma, send us your pictures, let us show the world out there together that it is still the most beautiful of the Canaries, the "Isla Bonita"!

Discover the La Palma picture and video portal here!

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The island depends on guests, so it is especially important to draw attention to its beauty now – during the destruction phase. La Palma must not be written off.

More than 70 % of the population is directly or indirectly dependent on tourism. Every euro that comes to the island, even during this terrible time, helps all the island's inhabitants.

Link "Discover La Palma" and become part of the solidarity network.

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If you decide to link to "Discover La Palma", a link will automatically be displayed in the menu of, so that visitors coming from your website can easily find you again.

Just write to us via the contact form, so that we can check if your website meets our requirements. If it does, we will add your site to a whitelist, which will allow you to add the link to "Discover La Palma" on your website immediately.