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60300 trees planted to date

Discover La Palma

Discover the island of San Miguel de la Palma, also called Isla Bonita, via our map or the categories.

Saúl Santos is a very well-known travel photographer, specialising in nature and landscape photography from La Palma, who works all over the world. His photos have graced the covers of countless magazines, journals and books, as well as postcards, posters and calendars, and are exhibited in the most diverse regions of our planet. His work has already won several awards and prizes.
Emilio Barrionuevo is a passionate portrait photographer. His mostly monochrome works capture the emotions in the face so clearly that words become superfluous and have already won international awards. His studio is located in El Paso, La Palma.
Jonatan Rodríguez is a photographer with heart and soul. He started 15 years ago with pictures for a press agency and additionally photographed social events. In the meantime, he had also gained experience in underwater photography and made wedding reports, for which he has already received one of the most important awards in the world, that of the "Fearless Photographer". Since 2015, he has been running a photo studio in Los Llanos de Aridane, and in 2019 he completed additional training as an architectural photographer, producing a very wide range of images.
Thomas Geissler and his wife Iris have lived in the municipality of Tazacorte since 2014. Through their great interest in music and culture, they have become co-founders of the association "Asociación multicultural Tazacorte - La Banana". For them, the island of La Palma has become a piece of home. Through Canarian folklore dance, Thomas and Iris have come to know customs, traditions and people much better and have thus been able to integrate a little, which is very important to them. Through many hikes and excursions, they have explored every little corner of La Palma and learned to love it even more.
Ulrich is the founder and managing director of La Palma Travel and 100 arboles. He came up with the idea and concept for "Discover La Palma".
Besides being an astrophotographer and videographer, Kike is also a "Starlight Guide" on La Palma. Kike tells the story of the year on the Canary Island of La Palma in a fortnightly photo series on
Musician, Producer, Composer, Photographer, Filmmaker "Hubl Greiner is a musical border crosser, who bends with pleasure over the abyss and sometimes further." Dr. Susanne Binas. „…a devil-of-a-fellow and probably one of the most creative producers and musicians in his profession in Europe.“ Ear Magazine New York
Claudia Knupfer is an actress, filmmaker, photo artist and graphic designer.
Every day, Ines Dietrich is thrilled anew by the diversity of the island. Ines has lived and worked on Isla Bonita for almost 25 years. She is the author of the somewhat different travel guide "Secrets of the Island of La Palma" from Konkursbuchverlag Claudia Gehrke (published in German and in Spanish). Ines Dietrich invites you on a year-round journey through La Palma in twelve chapters.
Alexandre Díaz Lorenzo, freelance photographer from Tijarafe on the island of La Palma. Maybe by fate, maybe because it was meant to be, losing my job in 2012, a job that I liked and that for years had filled my life, was an opportunity to try to turn my passion into my profession, who wouldn't want that? ..., and that's how my new challenge began. For this I decided to enter the "Escuela de Arte y Diseño Superior Manolo Blahnik" in Santa Cruz de La Palma, with the aim of developing and deepening my self-taught knowledge with official photography studies. The school gives me the opportunity not only to continue learning, but also to share with colleagues who are advancing as I am in this world and with professionals, who share their experience and trajectory with us. I understand photography as a way of personal expression, a way of transmitting feelings and sensations, images that teach us and speak to us. I want to share my moments with you, to transport you to other places, to show from another point of view every event in the world that surrounds us?