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Videos from La Palma

• La Palma goat's cheese is something very special. It is made in the traditional way. At the Granja Los Tumbitos in Barlovento, in the northeast of the island, visitors can get to know the goats and kids, as well as the cheese-making process.
• World taste paired with good Palmerian ingredients. For over 20 years, chef and restaurant manager Heidy van de Vorst has been spoiling her guests with culinary creations...
• Airport Santa Cruz de La Palma (spc) in Mazo, Video: Hubl Greiner
• On La Palma, the birds, some of which are not very shy, live in the area of Roque de Los Muchachos, in the laurel forest of Los Tilos, in pine forests and barrancos, over cliffs and...
• The water in the caldera flows into the Atlantic Ocean via the Barranco de Las Angustas gorge. Video: Hubl Greiner
• The small beach in the sunny bay has been awarded the Blue Flag for its excellent water quality. There is also a small kiosk there where you can buy drinks and...
• Measured from sea level to the top of the high mountain peak, it is 2,426 metres. Video: Hubl Greiner
• Rare plants, micro-organisms and the brine shrimp Artemia salina live here, causing the Atlantic water in the protected natural area to change between pink, white and yellow. These...
• Cumbre Vieja one hour after the eruption. I took the video from our terrace at Cancelita, 8 km from the volcano. Video: Ulrich G. Roth
• The viewpoint "Mirador La Cancelita" in Los Barros (municipality of El Paso) above the town of Los Llanos de Aridane on the west side of La Palma offers a beautiful view into the...