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Fotos: Kike Rincón EP / Emilio Barrionuevo

Help for the volcano victims on La Palma

Since 19 September 2021, the lava flows in the southwest of the island have been destroying more and more more and more houses, agricultural plantations, small farms and shops. The people have lost not only their homes, but their entire livelihoods.

Many were only able to take the bare necessities with them and now live in cramped quarters with family members or friends. They do not know what to do next.

What those affected lack most is financial support.

In the short term, they have to feed themselves and their families and cope with the situation; in the long term, they need a jump-start to rent a new home and build a livelihood.

The animal welfare organisations on La Palma also need help. They have many dogs, cats, goats, sheep and also exotic pets and have taken in animals that could not stay with their owners.

We at 100arboles and La Palma Travel ask for your donation to help the people and animals on the island.

We will transfer the money we collect for the volcano victims to the official official agency.

Many thanks

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