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aeonium arboreum • The ancestors of these thick-leaved plants probably already grew in the laurel forests on the European mainland about 60 million years ago. Their descendants have evolved in...
pericallis papyracea • This endemic wildflower from the composite family is often called Mayflower, although it already shows its fragrant flowers at the beginning of March. Photo: Ines Dietrich
• Las Mimbreras is one of the most beautiful routes on La Palma, connecting the municipalities of Barlovento and Garafía. Here, lush laurel forest and rugged mountain walls...
• La Palma goat's cheese is something very special. It is made in the traditional way. At the Granja Los Tumbitos in Barlovento, in the northeast of the island, visitors can get to know the goats and kids, as well as the cheese-making process.