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• Banana cultivation is one of the most important economic sectors on the Canary Island of La Palma. The fruit has been cultivated here since the end of the 19th century. In the Aridane...
• The fertile lava ash in the south of La Palma is very rich in minerals with a high content of phosphorus, potassium and calcium. It releases the water it stores only slowly...
• The natural spectacle of the volcano that erupted on Cumbre Vieja on 21 September 2021 is fascinating – but only from a distance...
• Cumbre Vieja one hour after the eruption. I took the video from our terrace at Cancelita, 8 km from the volcano. Video: Ulrich G. Roth
• Photos: Kike Navarro
• On 19 September 2021, the volcano in the Cumbre Vieja mountain range erupted and began spewing fire, ash and lava. Photo: Alex Díaz
• On 14 October 2021, after Todoque, the inhabitants of La Laguna also had to evacuate. Many scurried to save their belongings and had nowhere to go with their...
• The wide terrain in the Aridane Valley at the foot of the Pico de Bejenao massif is particularly attractive during almond blossom and in spring. Here you can also...
• Also during the volcanic eruption on Cumbre Vieja on 19 September 2021, the volunteer troop of "Sin Suela" from Tijarafe did a great job in helping to supply the...