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Sin Suela Tijarafe

Published 16.12.2021

Also during the volcanic eruption on Cumbre Vieja on 19 September 2021, the volunteer troop of "Sin Suela" from Tijarafe did a great job in helping to supply the affected people with relief supplies and clearing the houses and streets of ash.

In emergencies, such as forest fires, the helpers in their red shirts are immediately on the spot and enthusiastically take part in the operations. But they also get involved in precautionary measures, such as securing and clearing forest paths and clearing brush from properties for people who can't make it on their own.
The environmentalists remove invasive plants, take care of the reforestation of forest areas and develop public training to raise awareness of regional ecological issues. Their close collaboration with the Tijarafe town hall was recently made official.

Photos: Ayuntamiento de Tijarafe