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Barranco del Jurado canyon

Published 18.11.2021

The GR 130 hiking trail, which runs around the entire coast of La Palma, passes through the Barranco del Jurado gorge in the municipality of Tijarafe. It is the first ravine that one encounters coming from El Time on the way to the north. Its access is in the El Jesús district, at the Buen Jesús Chapel. Below the LP-1 road to the coast, the natural landscape is protected. Another – smaller – circular path that runs here is PR LP 12.2, which can be followed to the pirate cove "Poris de La Candelaria". In the Barranco del Jurado gorge, you will repeatedly come across stone bridges (juardos) and some caves of the Benehoaritas, the indigenous people of La Palma.

Photo: Ayuntamiento de Tijarafe